6 Rules to Create Great Content


The best way to overcome your content challenges is to come up with a plan that works for you. The most important step in creating this plan will be paying attention to what your audience is most interested in.

But there are also certain rules you’ll need to keep in mind:

Be a curator. 1

You don’t have to create all your own content, you can offer your point of view on other people’s articles, videos, events, etc. and give a link to the originals.

Keep it focused. 2

Your blog posts, email content, Facebook updates, and other marketing messages should be concise and to the point.

Pick the right medium. 3

Use a variety of content types — audio, video, photos, etc. And when you find a medium that works for you — go with it!

Plan ahead. 4

Create a marketing calendar that incorporates your different marketing channels, and plan your content ahead of time.

Repeat and reimagine. 5

Don’t think you have to create new things all the time. You can share the same content across different channels, and repurpose existing assets into different formats.

Invite help. 6

If you have a blog or email newsletter, don’t be afraid to invite other relevant professionals to create guest articles.



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